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Recent and Upcoming Events
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On this page will be a summary of important past events and a calendar of upcoming activities

WSP NAHS members?
Just to remind EVERYBODY thats interested in doing the mural......
U GOT TO COME TO THE MEETING TOMORROW !!! (even if you signed to do it or not.. come if you want to get involved w/ it)
we're not starting it this week, but we will next week. I need to know who's interested for sure and who is ABLE to paint, trace it on the walls etc
If you absolutely CAN'T make it (look at ella's extreme list) then make sure to get mural info from a friend/officier/email me after tomorrow.
Remember we need as many people to do this mural and to get it done. It would be good hours for all the inductees/members too.
-Kaiser, the CO VICE-CZAR

Upcoming Events

The next meeting is this wednesday, january 10th at 2:10 in the photo room. ya'll best be there. INDUCTEES, YOUR DUES ARE DUE AT THIS MEETING. get that in, yo. if you cannot attend this meeting for a VALID REASON, freaking let me or another officer know. valid reasons include: loss of limb, decapitation, fatal puncture wound, funeral, doctors appointment, thespian meeting (because everyone knows how she is when you're not there, we'll understand), detention, broadway desserts rehearsal, satying after for an art class (y'know, cause we don't care about those core classes) and major reconstructive plastic surgery. valid reasons DO NOT INCLUDE: "i forgot", "i didn't know", "i don't care", taking a smoke break, getting food, being in the bathroom, chillin wit yo homies in da hallWaYzZ, etc. you get the point. -ella, your resident dirty secretary.

yes, we do rule.