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Minutes from Past meetings will be posted here

New Members!

I was apparently misinformed when I said that applications are due December 1st, they're now due December 6th. Dues are... due... at this time as well! $5 for underclassmen, $15 for seniors. You can drop off your money and your applications in Ms Buzzell's room, 146, anytime between now and then.

Errybody else!

Dues! Dec. 6th! Sketches! We can still incorporate your design ideas!

Alright, thats all I have.


Don't forget, you can always contact us through this email (

Incase you were wondering, (freshmennnnn, mostly), you MUST either BE or HAVE BEEN enrolled in any ART CLASS at ANNANDALE HIGH SCHOOL with an overall average of 3.5 (B+) or higher to qualify for this honor society! Art, photography, ceramic, computer graphics, WHATEVA. KTHXBYE

Minutes from November 8th 2006
Ella's minutes (cause she made me do it and she thinks she can sass me.)
Applications will be available in Miss Buzzell's room (146, the photo lab) by Friday! Please stop by to pick one up, the sooner everyone gets their applications in, the sooner we can really start getting things done. Also, keep in mind that the application requires you to submit at least three pieces of work. It doesn't matter what medium they are, but if it's a rather large piece (anything over 30 x 30 inches, or any large/heavy 3-D pieces) PLEASE take multiple photos of it instead of bringing it in. Also, especially computer graphics and photography pieces, please include whether it's straight photography, photomanipulation, darkroom effects, etc.

PLEASE START SKETCHING OUT IDEAS FOR THE MAT ROOM MURAL! If you'd like, you can drop them off in the photo room between now and our next meeting, or just bring them to the meeting. Coach Shoulders has requested that one wall say "ANNANDALE WRESTLING, HOME OF THE ATOMS" (there might be more, I'm not sure), but the rest of it is up to us. Please keep it appropriate,thanks.
As soon as new member applications are dealt with, we will be able to give you a date for the INDUCTION CEREMONY. Start thinking of work you'd like to hang!
Among some other things, one of the fundraising ideas we'd like to get done soon is an NAHS Coffeehouse. I know Woodson has done this for their art club or whatever, and it's worked pretty well.
If you have connections with bands, venues, or generous coffee addicts, let me know and we'll work something out.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to your friends, spread the word about NAHS. The office hates us and won't announce our meetings, so no one really finds out unless we do it ourselves.

This is something we didn't really bring up in the meeting today, but I'd like to make it clear. Last year, we had a HUGE problem with attendance. This year, you must have a VALID REASON for missing any mandatory meetings or gallery hangings. Come on people, it's not that hard, and we FEED YOU. Why wouldn't you want to come?
If you miss a ridiculous amount of meetings, we'll probably kick you out. We want to enjoys ourselves, but this isn't just something to look good on an application.
Dues! Seniors, your dues are $15. This will pay for your fancy honor cord at graduation, and also we are poor. EVERYONE ELSE, your dues are $5.

Shizzays short and sweet minutes (because im cooler than ella)
At our last meeting, we met with the n00bs and gave them the basic rundown about NAHS. In order to join, you must have at least a B+ average in your art class. To get an application, please see Ms. Buzzell in room 146 (the photo room). She'll give it to you and answer any questions. So far, we have one MAJOR project we need to get finished. In the wrestling room (off of the upstairs gym) we have been commissioned to paint the unpadded walls with "Home of the Atoms" and "Annandale Wrestling". We would really like to get this done ASAP. We've begun working on the designs and we'll hopefully get it all set at our next meeting. 

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yes, we do rule.