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Troop 408

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, this will answer alot of questions

Q. If I decide to do a project that needs funding how will I go about getting it?

A. To find out more information about funding your Gold Award project, check the latest "Going for the Gold" publication. This lists important information about how to cover the cost of your project. If you do need to apply for a Program Grant, contact the Teen Program Specialist (ext 236) for information about this process.

Q. Where do I find the right form to do my Gold Award? How do I apply for the Gold Award Scholarship (Gold Award Educational Fund)?

A. Forms for the Gold Award and Ed. Fund Scholarship are in Going for the Gold.

Q. Where do I as a parent of a Gold Award Recipient wear my parent pin on the uniform?

A. The parent gold award pin is not really identified as being worn on the adult uniform (page 26) Uniforms and Insignia. But, the pin could be worn below the nametag.

Q. Is there a requirement in how many hours a girl has to work in order to begin her project?

A. Prior to starting the project, there is not a minimum of hours required. There are 4 pre-requisites that must be completed before starting the project, and the suggested time to complete is the first two years of being a Senior Girl Scout (usually 9-10 grade). As far as deciding on a project and completing the paperwork to send in, there is not a required number of hours.

Q. What is the exact deadline to send in all applications after the project is completed, in order for me to turn it in to my council?

A. The initial project plans are due the first of every month. The final Gold Award project doesn't really have a deadline. The deadline for getting into this year's pool of recognition ceremonies (In Your Honor, Twilight Tattoo, etc.) is April 1 at 5pm. But otherwise, we accept final projects year-round.

Q. As an adult, do I wear my Gold Award?

A. As with the girls, the Gold Award pin can be worn next to the membership pin tab. It is in the same place the parent pin is placed.

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