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Troop 408



An e-worksheet guide for your cookie sales

Here's Some Helpful Information About Cookie Sales

Cookies to Go!

Gather your friends and adult leaders and ride through familiar neighborhoods selling door-to-door with cookies in hand. (Remember to have an adult at the wheel.) This is like a moving booth sale or Girl Scout Cookie Caravan. For fun, decorate cars and vans with brightly-colored, washable paints to promote your Cookie Mobile. It's the perfect selling vehicle!

Cookies Direct

Once cookies have arrived, you can boost your Cookie Sales by carrying extra packages when delivering an original order. Set goals for a Cookie Booth Sale. Brainstorm with your friends, new ways to sell direct.

Business Fax Sales

Call local businesses and obtain permission to fax the Order Card to them. Make sure you write your troop/group goals on top of the Order Card. Follow up later by phone to schedule a time to pick up the completed Order Card and set a delivery date.

Cookies by Mail

Make a list of local companies and organizations and mail copies of the Order Card to them. Write your goals on top of the Order Card. Tell the recipient how and when you will follow up. Give the name of a leader or designated adult that they may contact with questions.

Troop Teaming

By teaming up with younger Girl Scouts for door-to-door sales, you learn leadership and mentoring skills.

Gift of Caring

Get together with other girls in your troop or group and choose a local charity to support this Cookie Season. Then ask customers to buy extra packages to be donated to it. It’s a great way for you to learn about philanthropy.

Business Partnering

Choose a business in your area and partner with them to purchase cookies as appreciation gifts. Ask your leader to help you identify businesses and set appointments to make a cookie presentation that outlines how the annual Cookie Activity supports your goals. In the presentation, you could suggest purchasing cookies for employee and customer appreciation gifts.

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