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Troop 408

Gold Award Examples

These are summaries of projects and do not accurately convey the level of effort that goes into any Gold Award Project.

McGlensey Abiles, Forever Remember

McGlensey created a garden at her high school to honor the students who passed away prior to graduation. She named it a Remembrance Garden because she wanted it to be a place for students to remember the good times they had with those who died, rather than a place for them to mourn. The garden also serves to remember the teachers who had an impact on students' lives.

Namita Akolkar, India Day at Children's Inn

Namita held a 2-day workshop for kids at the Children's Inn at NIH, a place for children who have serious illnesses. The sessions focused on India, and the children participated in dancing, fashion shows, food and cooking, crafts and other activities that relate to Indian culture.

Brittany Amerau, The ABCs of Alphabet Gardening

Brittany redesigned and renovated the Children's Alphabet Garden at the American Horticultural Society Rover Farm. She removed invasive, damaged and excessive plants; rebuilt the retaining wall; replanted and added garden accessories, and added in new signage for all plants. She also compiled an activity book for the AHS to use as a resource for youth

Rebecca Apple, Adopt a Shelter

Rebecca led a three-part project that benefited the SERVE shelter in her community. She recruited troops to collect items such as toiletries, school supplies, and toys and donated them to the shelter. She also created a story/activity hour with the children that took place every other week for ten months. Her final step was building a puppet stage, which was then donated to the shelter.

Erin Arnold, Mad Scientist Party

Erin held a Mad Scientist Party in the hopes that children, especially girls, would be exposed to fun science activities. She recruited volunteers to lead experiments in the following areas: air pressure, kinetic energy, friction, chromatography, electricity, and acids and bases. Her project benefited about 45 children in the community.

Krystal Bell, Queen for a Day at the Hughesville Women�s Shelter

Krystal organized a special day for women at a local shelter. The workshops included resume writing, interview skills, makeovers and manicures. She hopes that her workshops gave the women some confidence in looking for and obtaining a job.

Chantay Bess, Craft Kits for Children

Chantay and her project partner created craft kits to be donated to local children�s hospitals. She created a total of over 100 kits, which would last at least 6 months at the centers.

Kira Bonomo, Afternoon Science and Math

Kira and her volunteers ran an after-camp program for children in the Culmore section of Fairfax County. She created fun science and math activities to peak their interests and get them excited about learning. Some of the activities included making kites, airplanes, and helicopters then seeing which one flew the farthest and longest.

Julie Borowski, Senior Dental Care

Julie organized a dental health fair for the local senior center. She created stations to help educate senior citizens about proper dental care. She hopes that the fifty people who attended the fair gained greater knowledge about proper dental care.

Roshelle Bournes, Getting Actively Healthy

Roshelle and her project partner organized workshops dealing with health and physical fitness. She targeted youth in the Ward 5 community of Washington, DC. Her goal was to inform children about healthy lifestyles and to help them begin to implement healthy eating and fitness habits in their own lives.

Emily Brennan, Literacy Activities for Dogwood Headstart Program

Emily provided literacy activities for a local Head Start program. She created booklets called "ABC," "Shapes," and "Number 1-10." She also provided the preschool with over twenty books on tape to be used during story time or at the listening center. She also turned three fairy tales into felt board stories so the children could interact with the stories.

Jessica Cadle, Connected as One

Jessica held a "Japan Day" for children to learn more about the culture and language of Japan. Activities for the day included karate demonstrations, Japanese music and dance, Japanese food and festivals, games and clothing presentations. She also created an informative pamphlet about the country and an International flipbook of children dressed in a variety of cultural costumes.

Natalie Cardinale, Bringing Color to a Dull Environment

Natalie recruited a friend to assist her with repainting and refurbishing old walls of the local health department dental office. The old paint was peeling and cracking, and she repainted with a bright new color and added posters to the walls.

Ann Carr, Child's Play: The Creation of a Children's Play Area and Activities Hour

Ann created a playroom, study room and library at the Salvation Army's Turning Point Center in Washington, DC. She collected toys, books and other items to be used in the new areas at the shelter. She then recruited volunteers to assist her in hosting a party in honor of the children and their new, improved living space.

Lenore Cebulski, Partnering for Preservation

Lenore created a workshop for 4th graders about the importance of historic preservation in their community. She designed a PowerPoint presentation, displayed artifacts, and created a handout for the children. She offered the workshops at 13 different classrooms in three schools then it was presented to a local historic site to be used in the future.

MyAsha Cheatham, Pre-Teen Tips for 2004

MyAsha organized and led a workshop for pre-teens in her community. Topics included bullying, peer pressure, health, beauty, nutrition, and fashion. She dedicated her project to her troop advisor who passed away this year.

Elizabeth Christy, Equine Medical Center Information

Elizabeth created informative poster boards to be used at a local Equine Medical Center. She gathered information about horse illnesses and medical procedures then interviewed doctors and took pictures at the hospital. Her goal was to educate clients who are interested in horses and medicine.

Kelsey Clark, Sneak Door Drainage and Path Repairs

Kelsey and her volunteers repaired an old path and installed a drainage system for the area surrounding it at Wolf Trap National Park. Before she started her project, the path was virtually unusable due to excessive flooding. Now that the drainage system is in place, the path is functional as well as attractive.

Caitlin Conville, Shelter Renovation Project

Caitlin organized a group of volunteers to complete a renovation project at a local homeless shelter. The project involved painting, weeding, gardening, and mulching in order to make the place a more welcoming environment to those that seek help there.

Rachel Cramer, Friends on Friday

Rachel recruited volunteers to assist her with two activity nights for children with special needs. She held the events at a local community center and included activities such as arts and crafts, entertainment, sports and more. She plans to continue to volunteer with this program in the future.

Lauren Cross, CAP Health Fair

Lauren and her project partners organized a 2-day health fair to benefit residents in the community. Her main responsibilities included organizing "shout-out" sessions about diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol and a mini-yoga lesson. She hopes the health fair will encourage people in the community to change their lifestyles for the better.

Anh T. Dang, The Handy Helper

Anh and her volunteers renovated the 2-and 3-year old rooms at a local children's center. Each room was repainted with a different themed mural, and several posted signs were taken down and redone. She hopes that her project created a more comfortable and inviting environment for teachers and children.

Sarah Delia, Staying Stress Free

Sarah organized an introduction to yoga class for local teens to help them deal with stress. She also created meditation eye bags and comfort bags to be distributed to the participants in the hopes that they will become stress-free.

Elysia DiCamillo, From Laurel to Iraq, Students Helping Students

Elysia recruited volunteers to assist her in creating packages of school supplies for children in Iraq. She also designed and made pencil cases and a logo for the note cards that were inserted into the packages. Elysia was amazed at the amount of support that the community gave her throughout the project.

Stephanie Diederich, Power of Publication

Stephanie created a literary club at a local middle school. She taught the children about literary criticism, how to judge writing and art for merit, and different styles of writing and poetry. She edited the first volume of the school's literary magazine, "Whispers and Sketches", which contains art, photography, poetry and other pieces of writing written by the students.

Sarah Lynn Dougherty, Volleyball Camp

Sarah recruited volunteers to assist her in running a volleyball clinic for children in her community. The kids were able to learn some new skills, as well as get some exercise doing a fun sport.

Hannah Duffy, Homework Haven

Hannah organized a tutoring program at a local low-income apartment complex. She recruited volunteers from her high school in hopes that she could start a mentoring program. She continued the after school program throughout the school year.

Meredith Epstein, Cover Me Buddy

Meredith recruited volunteers to help her create patchwork quilts made from donated materials. The group met every Sunday for a period of six months until the job was complete. The final products were donated to a local non-profit hospital to be used for victims of trauma.

Julie Erickson, Improving a Kid's Center for Great Falls National Park

Julie designed and created displays for children at Great Falls National Park. Each display highlights a different animal and includes interactive materials, such as different textures and word puzzles.

Laura Espenshade, Building Birdhouses for Better Breeding

Laura and her project partner built 84 different-sized birdhouses to be placed at a local park that was in need of them. They obtained the wood, cut it to fit the birdhouse then put them together. They also taught several children with special needs how to make the birdhouses.

Victoria Evans, Resources for Romania

Victoria held an overnight with 35 volunteers who created gift boxes for a school for children with special needs in Romania. The group made blankets, created developmental books, and put together 22 boxes of supplies for the school in Romania.

Amanda Fay, Bringing the Alive! House to Life

Amanda organized volunteers to assist her in patching and repainting the walls of a gathering room at a local family shelter. She also drew and painted a new mural on the main wall to replace the old one.

Katherine Flickinger, Art Murals at Countryside Elementary School

Katherine recruited volunteers to assist her in creating murals at a local elementary school. The two murals are going to be used as educational materials to aid children in their studies of United States and World geography. Students can visit the murals whenever they go outside to the playground. Katherine also created a booklet to accompany the mural titled, "Facts You May Not Have Known About the States."

Erica Frederick, Meals and a Budget Cookbook for Embry Rucker Homeless Shelter

Erica and her volunteers prepared and delivered main dishes, side dishes, breakfasts, breads and desserts to a local homeless shelter in Virginia. She also collected low-cost and nutritional recipes that she then put together in a cookbook to be distributed to residents of the shelter.

Margaret Frost, 100% Chance of Fun�a Musical for Kids

Margaret organized a music camp for children in grades 4-7 in her community. She recruited volunteers to run the different music classes that included guitar, recorder, singing, hand chimes, and rhythmic dance. The camp ended with a musical performance for family and friends.

Kali Gates, Heroes of Freedom: Stories of WWII and Korean War Veterans

Kali and her team of volunteers interviewed 15 veterans and 2 spouses of WWII and the Korean Conflict eras. Kali created and presented a power point summary of her project to the local Elks lodge and to World History classes at her school. She has also provided copies to the families and the Library of Congress and plans to continue the project into the future.

Andrea Godwin, Women in Law Enforcement

Andrea organized a Law Enforcement Day for girls in her community due to the fact that there is a lack of women in her county's police force. Her event was cancelled because girls did not show up, so she created Law Enforcement Awareness Kits and distributed them in her community.

Talon Grant, Organizing, Cataloging and Digitizing the Marine Corps Museum Restoration

Talon's project involved auditing, recording, maintaining and updating the database for the Marine Corps Museum Restoration Facility Technical Library. She recruited several volunteers to assist her in recovering documents and labeling technical manuals. At the end of the project, she was able to find 300 documents that had not been previously recorded, and labeled over a 100 manuals on vehicles and aircrafts used by the Marine Corps since 1920.

Rebecca Gray, ESOL Buddies

Rebecca and her volunteers established a club at her school to help ESOL students get involved with extracurricular activities. She felt that these students did not have much interaction with other students at the school. She created an outlet for them to get involved and to give them a chance to share their cultural diversity and knowledge with other students.

Margaret Graybeal, Scouting for Nature in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

Margaret created a program for teen girls called �Scouting for Nature in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park� at her local park. She wrote and published a handbook that outlines IP activities and how they can be earned at the park as well as other resources available to girls. The handbook is available at the park for non-Girl Scouts as well.

Ashley Harper, Outdoor Colonial Learning Center for FHES

Ashley organized volunteers to assist her in creating an outdoor colonial learning center for students at a local elementary school. She recruited volunteers from Girl Scouts, students at the school and adults from the community to clear weeds, prepare the soil and install Native American and Colonial plants. The center will be incorporated into 4th grade SOL curriculum.

Lauren Hartman, Safety Fair and Mother's Day Secret Shop

Lauren organized a secret shop and safety fair for a local homeless shelter. Children participated in a safety demonstration led by a local police officer and fire personnel. Then they were led through a "secret shop" to select and wrap special presents for their mothers.

Genevieve Hayes, Disability Awareness Day

Genevieve organized a Disability Awareness Day for the Southern Maryland Tri-County Area. She brought in different agencies that serve people with disabilities to share information to the public. She also conducted activities with youth participants that focused on daily frustrations felt by people with disabilities.

Tracy Heitfield, Community Comes to Countryside

Tracy organized a group of volunteers to assist her in a landscaping project at a local elementary school. By the end of the project, the group planted three new trees and four new plant beds in front of both entrances to the school. She also created a plant care booklet for the school to use for future maintenance.

Mariel Herbert, Crafty Kits: Art From the Heart

Mariel created a booklet of craft projects for each holiday throughout the year and distributed them to a local nursing home. She recruited a group of volunteers to make prototypes for the nursing home to use when making crafts. She visited the nursing home and made some of the crafts with the residents.

Carly Hetmanek, DESK (Desk Every Student Keeps)

Carly organized a project to collect desks and school supplies for children who cannot purchase them on their own. She recruited younger girls to assist with cleaning the desks and organizing the supplies. At the end of the project, Carly delivered the desks and talked to the children about organizational skills, keeping a schedule and other ways to succeed in school.

Ann Hickenbotham, A Jump in Time

Ann and her volunteers taught jump-rope routines to children and teenagers. Then she organized the group to perform at several local retirement homes in hopes that she would unite senior citizens and youth within her community.

Taylor Anne Higgins, Color and Shape My Worlds

Taylor created a half-day learning program at a local church outreach center comprised of six hands-on activities focused on entertaining and teaching colors and shapes to moderately to severely disabled children. She recruited a group of volunteers to assist her in running the stations during the program. She also created a project booklet so that the church can recreate the program in the future.

Alison Higinbotham, String Discovery

The goal of Alison's project was to interest young children in the joys and benefits of music. She organized an event for elementary school students where they would be able to watch a high school orchestra performance. The older students also taught the younger students about the different instruments and the band in general.

Julie Hill, GIRLS ARE GREAT! Spring Break Day Camp

Julie organized a spring break day camp at a library in her community. She recruited the girls in the community, many of whom had never been to camp before. She also recruited volunteers to assist her teach the girls how to sing songs, make crafts and make ice cream.

Kalyn Hill, Batter-up

Kalyn organized a softball clinic in her community for girls ages 12-14. She recruited several teen and adult volunteers to assist her in running the different stations. She felt that the clinic gave the participants a refreshing perspective on the sport of softball by seeing it through the eyes of high school softball players.

Stephanie Hobart, Comfort Blankets for the Terminally Ill

Stephanie collected quilting supplies from people in her community then held a quilting day with volunteers. She taught them how to make the quilts and donated the finished products to a hospital and local church to be used for terminally ill pediatric patients. Her church plans to continue the project in the future.

Nina Huffman, Pulse-Aldrin SACC Dance Program

Nina and her project partner started an after school dance program at a local elementary school. They spent the entire school year with the group of girls, and Nina taught the girls hip-hop dances and techniques. The program culminated in a performance for the parents where the girls were able to show off their new skills.

Lisa Hughes, ESL Education Enrichment

Lisa designed an evening computer program for parents of ESL students at a local library. She saw the need for this class during a visit to the library where there was a lack of assistance for ESL adults. She trained and recruited volunteers to assist her in teaching the adults then arranged for local high school students to continue her project in the future.

Heather Hunter, Concert for the Elderly

Heather organized several concerts to be performed by student musicians at a local nursing home. The purpose of her project was to bring together the busy youth of today with the elderly to bring joy to both age groups. Each concert had different holiday themes.

Anne Jaskot, Light Pollution Survey

Anne helped measure the level of light pollution in Fairfax County by organizing a star count. She recruited over 40 volunteers, who traveled around the county to count the number of stars in a specific constellation. Using the results of the star count, Anne was able to determine which areas had the worst light pollution, which had the darkest skies and which locations had changed the most in terms of light pollution since 1995. She sent her results on to organizations that work to protect the dark skies.
Brittany Johnkins, Getting Actively Healthy

Brittany and her project partner organized workshops dealing with health and physical fitness. She targeted youth in the Ward 5 community of Washington, DC. Her goal was to inform children about healthy lifestyles and to help them begin to implement healthy eating and fitness habits in their own lives.

Emily Johnson, Handi Helper

Emily's project focused on refurbishing a trail that was originally designed for the blind. She and her group cleaned the trails, built a rock wall to help with erosion, planted seeds near the wheelchair stream to prevent erosion, and replaced rocks along the trail. The trail is now usable again for people in wheelchairs and others who have special needs.

Jessica Johnson, Theater Sensation

Jessica taught theater workshops to children from low-income families in order to build their self-esteem, confidence, interaction with others, and ability to read and memorize. At the end of the program, the children put on a production for their families.

Janelle Jolley, CAP Health Fair

Janelle and her project partners organized a 2-day health fair to benefit the local community. Her part focused on organizing a bone marrow registry, publicizing the fair to the community and planning a blood drive. She also organized a "shout-out" session on prostate cancer and arranged for a screening.

Rebecca Jones, Suicide Prevention Video

Rebecca produced a suicide prevention video called The Fallen Phoenix. It is based on the real life story of a young girl's struggle with suicidal thoughts. She gave copies of this video to a high school counselor to use with students, professionals in the medical field to use with patients and her advisor who works for a crisis response organization to use at conferences.

Allyson Jones, Tech Talk: Closing the Generation Gap

Allyson started a basic computer skills program for senior citizens. She started with an overview workshop, then split the group into 2-person tutoring sessions. She created handouts and surveys so that the project can continue in the future.

Christa Joyner, Music as Therapy

Christa organized a concert for a local nursing home. She recruited two singers and one pianist and held rehearsals for several weeks. The group performed for residents at the home. The best part for Christa was seeing the smiles on the residents' faces while they moved to the music.

Siobhan Kayser, Sewing Our Community Together

Siobhan taught a group of children how to sew during an eight-week course. The children completed baby quilts that were then donated to the local pregnancy care center for a baby shower.

Carly Anne Keith , Pinnies for Play

Carly designed and sewed "pinnies" for the P.E. department at a local elementary school. She had them printed with the school's logo to make them unique to that school. In the end, Carly donated 30 new pinnies to the school.

Ann Kennedy, Butterfly Garden Education

Ann and her volunteers created a butterfly garden at a local elementary school that contained over 90 plants from 14 different species. The garden will provide the students an opportunity to learn firsthand about butterflies and their environment. She also created a booklet with 37 activities for all grade levels to help them learn more about butterflies, the garden and the role of butterflies in Native American culture.

Sana Khaliq, We Care, We Share

Sana made lap quilts and pocket organizers for residents at a local assisted living facility, focusing primarily on those who are in wheelchairs or use walkers. She recruited volunteers to assist her in creating these quilts. Sana also collected items to be donated to the facility including note cards, toiletries, books and stuffed animals.

Barbara Kingsford, Preschool Dress Up Box Magic

Barbara and her group of volunteers sewed 34 multicultural dress-up costumes for a local at-risk preschool. She also created a brochure with photos detailing how the costumes can be used and distributed it along with the costume boxes.

Katherine Kregloh, A Mirror for Colonial Virginians, 1765-1775: A Website for The Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Kate created a workshop and website about clothing in late 18th-century Virginia for a local historical site. She also organized a Costume Skills Day to teach students about how to research and make colonial clothing. She hopes her project will help teach younger students about colonial America.

Alexis Kuiper, DC: Discovering Conservation

Alexis and her project partner organized a conservation expo for the purpose of educating young girls about careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Since the expo, she has visited Girl Scout troops to tell them more about conservation, created a conservation directory, and designed a conservation service project.

Laura Kurth, Butterfly Central

Laura and her group of volunteers established a permanent butterfly habitat at a local nature center. She also created a detailed brochure to help people make a butterfly habitat in their very own backyards.

Robin Larkin, A Whole New World�With Signs

Robin led sign language workshops at several local Boys and Girls Clubs for several months during the spring and summer. She recruited volunteers, taught them how to do basic sign language, then created lesson plans to be completed at the various clubs. She exposed the children to other possibilities in life as well as a possible foundation for a future career.

Victoria Lathrop, Going Batty

Victoria assembled 20 bat houses then distributed them to three county parks and one state park in her area. She also created pamphlets to be distributed at the parks along with the houses. She hopes her project will lessen the mosquito population, aid in the fight against West Nile Virus, lessen the demand for the use of pesticides, and educate the community about bats.

Brittany Lattisaw, Shredding for Safety

Brittany wanted to create awareness in her community about identity theft, so she organized a seminar for the local community to learn about it. She invited a police officer, an attorney and a representative of a shredding company to speak to people about how they can be protected. She feels that her work will help change ways that people in her community get rid of important documents.

Vanessa Lazar, Plan and Implement a Teen Volunteer Force for HOPE in Northern Virginia

Vanessa organized a group of volunteers to assist with a children's program at the local HOPE shelter. This is an organization that assists pregnant women by providing free classes, counseling and materials. Vanessa created activities for 250 children at two annual parties and scheduled the volunteers to implement the activities.

Victoria Lehman, Bluebird and Butterfly Habitats at Westlake High School

Victoria recruited volunteers from her high school's environmental club to assist her in building bluebird houses. The houses were hung on the campus of her high school to help increase the bluebird population in Maryland. She also created two butterfly gardens on the campus, along with an informative display about butterflies and their habitats.

Lauren Lickiss, Teaching Hygiene and Biblical Crafts to the Kids of Hermisillo

Lauren ran an arts and crafts program alongside a bible school in Mexico. She also collected dental hygiene items then created 160 hygiene kits for the children at the school. She taught the children about good dental hygiene habits.

Katie Littlefield, Digging for Gold

Katie recruited volunteers to assist her in a parking lot beautification project. She researched the best plants to use, created a sketch of the design and carried out the actual planting process with her volunteers. The landscaping enhancements will help to reduce soil erosion as well as beautify the area.

Brittany Loy, Night out for Teens with Disabilities

Brittany created and led 2 "Night Out" activities for teens with special needs at her local community center. She recruited volunteers to assist her with arts and crafts, music, movies, gym time and snacks with the teens.

Claire Maloney, Girl Scouting in Fairfax through the Years

Claire researched and created an exhibit at a local museum chronicling the history of Girl Scouting in Fairfax County. The museum is held in a historic house that once served as a meeting site for Girl Scouts. She received artifacts from local Girl Scout volunteers, interviewed former Girl Scouts, researched local newspaper articles, developed an exhibition story line, created the display of the artifacts, wrote label text, and cut mat board to mount the labels.

Kele Mangus, Clean It To Keep It

Kele organized a group of adult and youth volunteers to clean up a park in her community. The group placed logs on the shoreline to save the bank from erosion. They also cleared a path so that it is now accessible by park visitors.

Amanda Martins, Courtyard Renovation

Amanda and her project partner renovated the courtyard at a local elementary school that was damaged by the tornado in 2001. She recruited volunteers to assist with planting and received donations from local companies for supplies. The courtyard is now a more enjoyable place for students and teachers.

Carly Mayer, Equine Enhancements

Carly organized a group of volunteers to assist her in renovating a horse trail at a local park. The newly improved trail will now be even, which will prevent damage to the horse's legs.

Shannon Mays, Super Science Month

Shannon organized a month of science activities for children at both a recreation center and a homeless shelter in her community. The children participated in hands-on experiments and demonstrations within the general themes of chemistry, engineering, ecology, and physics. She hopes that the project helped children realize that science is not just limited to school- it can be fun also!

Courtney McCall, CAP Health Fair

Courtney and her project partners organized a 2-day health fair to benefit members of the local community. She created informational displays, set up cholesterol and diabetes screenings and organized "shout-out" sessions about stress relief, hypertension, breast cancer, pharmaceutical safety, nutrition and diabetes.

Amy A. C. McCants, Books for Kids: An Initiative to Spark Learning

Amy collected over 150 books to be donated to the Spanish Education Development Center, a bilingual daycare center in DC. She recruited volunteers to construct bookshelves and create library cards for each student to be able to check out books.

Erin Meisel, Computing Computers

Erin organized workshops and one-on-one tutoring sessions of basic computer skills for students at a local community college. Many students had limited computer literacy or had never been introduced to the computer, so this was a great need that she fulfilled at the community college.

Heidi Metz, Potomac Valley Nursing Home Garden Renovation

Heidi and her group of volunteers renovated the wooded garden at a local nursing home. She collected donations from local garden centers, and she raked, mulched and planted new plants in the garden. She feels that the garden will be a perennial source of beauty for the residents to enjoy.

Katharine Miller, Bible Story Activity Hour

Katie created and ran an after-church program for children at a local church. She spent the first part of the year teaching parables then the second part of the year was focused on the children writing their own plays to go along with the parables. They performed the plays for younger children in the summer.

Julia Mitchell, Dancing Feet

Julia recruited volunteers to assist her with teaching young girls dance techniques within the fields of ballet and tap. Then the group performed for a local assisted living facility. Julia plans to continue teaching the girls so they can share their dancing with more people in the community.

Katie Moon, Disability Support in Your Neighborhood

Katie organized the construction of a ramp for a local wheelchair-bound teenager. She also went to several adult and youth organizations to show them how they can help others in their communities.

Sara Murphy, Cleaning Up Garnchayne Park

Sara and her group of volunteers cleaned up a local park by removing trash and other debris and laying new mulch. She also created an informative brochure and passed it out to members of the community in hopes that this place would be kept clean in years to come.

Maureen Murray, The Children's Library

Maureen collected over 500 children's books from local churches. She then recruited volunteers to assist her in creating a library for a local preschool. The volunteers organized the books, reviewed them to make sure they are appropriate for preschool children then built the library.

Lily Nelson, Piano for Kids from Low Income Families

Lily taught piano to children at a community learning center. She created colorful posters and games to help the children in the learning process. She hopes that the children were able to gain some self-confidence throughout the project.

Clara Nguyen, Operation Dips and Dabs

Clara organized a painting project at a local non-profit preschool. She recruited volunteers from the Vietnamese scouting community to assist her with painting and refurbishing the walls, furniture and bulletin boards in two of the classrooms.

Beth Nicoll, Throw Like a Girl Doesn't Mean What It Used To

Beth organized a softball clinic for girls in her community to learn about the basic skills of fast-pitch softball. She was able to recruit girls in her community to attend the two-day clinic and learn skills such as fielding, throwing, hitting, baserunning and teamwork.

Nicole Nieves, Fire Safety & Prevention

Nicole's project dealt with fire safety and prevention. She spoke with several area Girl Scout troops about fire safety then organized an Open House at the local fire station. She also translated and put together a coloring book in Spanish to provide outreach in her community.

Christia Panizales , KWIC-Kids Worldwide in Conflict

Christia organized and hosted a conference called Kids Worldwide In Conflict (KWIC) to deal with issues of child soldiers and child labor. There were over 30 people in attendance at the conference, and Christia felt it was not only beneficial to the participants, but also to her.

Ashley Parady, Gratifying Games

Ashley collected over 300 new and used games from individuals in her community. She then created a program called "Games Galore" for a local organization that works with homeless and low-income families. The program used games to review knowledge and reinforce skills learned in school so that children do not lose the usual 25% of math and reading skills during the summer.

Courtney Parker, Reading is Fun at the Kid's Club

Courtney organized a reading project at a local day care. She organized youth volunteers to assist with the reading program. She also ran a book drive that benefited the day care center.

Marissa Paslick, Revitalization of the Fellowship

Marissa refurbished an old library at a local assisted living facility. The residents had previously relied on the public library, but it is in the process of moving out of the area, leaving the residents with only aging, torn books to read. Marissa and her volunteers collected over 800 books and tapes and catalogued all of them for easier use by the residents.

Julia Pense, Pulse-Aldrin SACC Dance Program

Julia and her project partner started an after school dance program at a local elementary school. They spent the entire school year with the group of girls, and Julia taught the girls jazz dances and techniques. The program culminated in a performance for the parents where the girls were able to show off their new skills.

Nicole Pethtel, Watersheds and Kids

Nicole created a puppet play called "Watersheds and Kids" to help teach children about how they can help to protect our environment. She recruited volunteers to assist her in building the set, puppets and putting on the play at locations in Fairfax, Montgomery and Howard counties. She donated the kit to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for future use in classrooms.

Tamara Pitman, Puppy Grooming

Tamara taught children at a local day camp how to properly care for and groom new puppies. She created the program as well as an information piece to go along with it then brought in their dogs so they could practice. She also created a video so that the project can be used at camps in the future.

Ashley Reckert, Project Pretty Pool House

Ashley painted, cleaned, covered, added and replaced items in the snack bar of her community pool. The snack bar was dark and dingy before her project. It can now be enjoyed by all members of her community.

Stephanie Reese, Craft Kits for Children

Stephanie and her project partner created craft kits to be donated to 9 different children�s hospitals in the DC metro area. She received donations of craft supplies and recruited volunteers to assist in the process. She completed over 100 kits by the end of the project.

Chadae Rickett, Stop, Drop and Roll, Baby

Chadae developed a fire safety puppet show inspired by her experience getting burned as a young child. She and her volunteers performed the skit for hundreds of local children over the course of 18 months.

Meaghan Rivera, Dorothy Day Shelter Room Revamp

Meaghan organized a group of volunteers to repaint and redecorate five bedrooms in a local battered women's shelter. As a result, the women now feel more comfortable in their temporary surroundings. She also received donations from her Service Unit that she organized and brought to the shelter.

Taj Rollins, Puppy Play Park

Taj created a dog agility park for the local SPCA Spay and Neuter Clinic. There were many dogs in the clinic that did not get enough exercise, so she organized volunteers to assist her in this project. She created a Jump, Weave Poles and an A-Frame in hopes that the dogs would stay healthier with exercise.

Janina Samari, Camp Aquasco Sign and Trail Blazing

Janina organized a group of volunteers to assist her in creating new trail signs for a camp in her community. Many of the trail signs and main camp signs were not visible to campers, so she was able to fix this problem with the help of others.

Afsaneh Samari, Charging toward Excellence

Afsaneh created a mural of her high school mascot then painted it on a wall in the cafeteria. She drew a sketch then organized over a dozen volunteers to assist her in the painting process. She ended up logging a total of 185 hours to complete the entire mural.

Sara Sankey, Picnic Table Facelift

Sara organized a group of 50 volunteers to put together 19 picnic tables at a local park. The old ones were damaged and worn, and the park was not able to afford to replace them. Sara feels that her project not only benefited the park, but it also helped her volunteers learn new team-building and carpentry skills.

Elaine Saur, Language Enrichment Program for Elementary School Students

Elaine created and led a 6-week program at a local elementary school for ESOL students. She focused on third grade girls and created games, projects and puzzles to help them learn the English language. She created lesson plans so that this project can be continued in the future.

Carolyn Scott, The Lion's Pride Garden Project

Carolyn organized nine girls from low-income families in a bird and butterfly garden project at their middle school. She was hoping to create a sense of pride in the girls, for the garden and for themselves. She worked with the girls to plan the garden then did the actual planting with them in the spring. Since the garden was completed, Carolyn and the girls have all returned to water and maintain it.

Margaret Sessa-Hawkins, Reading for Life

Margaret completed a two-part project to benefit a local elementary school. She organized a book collection in her community then she planned and implemented a tutoring program for children at the school. Her project addressed the shortage of help and materials needed to assist children at the school.

Julie Sexton, Bringing Creativity to the Children of Bogram

Julie led a group of volunteers to sew tote bags that were to be used for donations to children in Afghanistan. She collected items from her Service Unit to put in the tote bags then sent them to a member of the U.S. military to distribute.

Lauren Shisler, Stories with the Stars

Lauren created and ran a seven-week summer reading program at a local elementary school. Her project served more than 350 low-income and ethnically diverse students and family members within the school community. She recruited volunteers to assist with the program, which had a different theme each week including "fantasy� and "outer space."

Destiny Slawson, Reading for Everyone

Destiny made books on tape for elementary age students to learn to speak English. She collected books for a local school, and recorded 75 of them onto cassette tapes. She also recruited volunteers to assist her with the recordings.

Dawn Slekis, Historic Trail Restoration

Dawn organized a group of volunteers to restore a trail at a state park in her community. They ended up clearing 2 miles of trails by the end of the project. She also created informative posters for visitors to be placed in kiosks along the trail.

Samantha Smoot, Community of Music

Samantha organized three band concerts to benefit a local assisted living facility. She recruited members of her high school band to perform the music pieces. At the end of her project, she created a notebook and gave to her high school so they could plan future concerts.

Juliana Spangler, Better Health for Hondurans

Juliana collected toothbrushes and toothpaste with the help of others in her community. She brought these along with pamphlets she created to Honduras where she taught the local people about dental hygiene and healthy habits.

Meghan Stuart, Hispanic Handbook for Kindergartners and their Teachers

Meghan recruited volunteers (girls and adults) to assist her in creating a "Hispanic Handbook" for local kindergarteners. Her goal was to overcome communication barriers between teachers and new ESL students. She accomplished this by creating the book so that it is geared towards English-speaking teachers and Spanish-speaking students.

Allison Sussman, Building Birdhouses for Better Breeding

Allison and her project partner built 48 birdhouses (24 bluebird, 9 screech owl and 9 wood duck) and donated them to several local city parks. They will be placed so that the birds can nest while others are educated about nesting behaviors. She also taught students with special needs how to build the birdhouses and about the nesting habits of birds.

Jennifer Talbot, Children and Fingerprints

Jennifer created a two-week program for a local low-income day care center focusing on safety. She also fingerprinted all the children and brought in fire fighters and police officers to assist with her presentation.

Kristen Templin, Courtyard Renovation

Kristen and her project partner renovated the courtyard at a local elementary school that was damaged by the tornado in 2001. She recruited volunteers to assist with planting and received donations from local companies for supplies. The courtyard is now a more enjoyable place for students and teachers.

Lauren J. Thomas, Put a Smile On (PSO)

Lauren organized and implemented a series of arts and crafts workshops for the Children's National Medical Center's neighborhood Outpatient Centers. She recruited volunteers to assist with activities such as drawing, making dolls, reading and making crafts. Her hope was to help relieve possible anxiety, stress or boredom of young children waiting for treatment.

Alison Thompson, Safety and Beautification of HRS

Alison's project focused on beautifying a fence line in the parking lot of a local church. This included measuring the distance from shrubs to the fence, digging holes, mulching, and planting trees. She recruited church volunteers and neighbors to assist her in this project.

Caitlin Toler, Helping Russian Children Learn the Bible

Caitlin organized and ran a Bible camp for a week during the summer for children visiting from Russia. She recruited volunteers and a Russian translator to assist her. She also created lesson plans and gave to her church for use in the future.

Heather Anne Tydings, Bat Houses for Banshee Reeks

Heather taught younger girls how to put together bat houses at a day camp. The bat houses were then mounted to existing tree structures at a local nature preserve to create more favorable conditions for the increasing bat population in her county.

Randee Ulsh, Project Pretty Pool House

Randee refurbished the entranceway to her community pool house. She cleaned, painted the walls and organized this area for guests of the pool to enjoy on their daily visits.

Valerie Vandenberg, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Awareness

Valerie's project focused on awareness of Chesapeake Bay preservation. She created bilingual flyers and brochures as well as �bags of fun� and educational information for elementary school students about preservation of the bay. She also conducted several workshops throughout the county teaching the students about what they can do to save the bay.

Laura Wainwright, Language Enrichment for ESL Preschoolers

Laura ran a language enrichment program for Hispanic preschool-age children while their parents were taking ESL classes. She recruited volunteers to assist her in leading the lessons with the children. She held four different activity sessions for the children during the course of her project.

Nichelle Walker, Books, Babies and MOMS

Nichelle led a book collection for a local organization that assists young mothers in need. She then painted a bookcase and decorated it with the help of one of the mothers. At the end of her project, the mothers and their children have over 1200 books to read in a pleasant atmosphere with the new bookcase.

Ashley Waters, Recruiting for the Flowers Band

Ashley created a PowerPoint to recruit new members to her high school band. She visited several middle schools and made her presentation to the students there to inspire them to join. She created other materials along with the PowerPoint to assist the band in future recruiting efforts.

Rebecca Webb, Project Pretty Pool House

Project Pretty Pool House was the combined efforts of four separate Gold Award projects. Rebecca was responsible for designing and doing outlines of all the murals. She also cleaned and painted the women's dressing room.

Claire White, Teen Volunteer Connection

Claire designed, compiled and edited a student resource for Volunteer Fairfax (a service organization in her community). She contacted all the agencies to get updated information then put it together in the new Directory of Youth Service Opportunities. She then advertised the resource by sending out press releases and speaking to students and school administrators about it.

Megan Widman, Project Pretty Pool House

Megan assisted in a pool house clean-up project for her community. Her responsibility was cleaning and painting the men's dressing/shower room. She also assisted with painting the murals on the walls.

Valerie Wiest, A Japanese Journey

Valerie created a program about Japanese culture and shared with several elementary classes and summer camps. Her workshops consisted of teaching children about Japanese art, food, clothing, language, games and daily living. She also created a guide for teachers to assist them in teaching students about Japanese culture, which she distributed after her workshops.

Caitlin Wolff, Youth Lacrosse League

Caitlin's project had three parts to it. First, she organized a youth lacrosse clinic for girls in her community with the help of fellow team members. Second, she created and distributed pamphlets detailing local lacrosse camps, leagues, and club teams in her community. And finally, she coached a youth lacrosse team, by showing them new skills and techniques.

Jennifer Wright, All the World's a Stage

Jennifer organized and directed a spring musical for children at a local elementary school. The children had never had the opportunity to participate in such an activity, and they were very excited to perform. The students performed for other students as well as for their parents.

Casey Young, DC: Discovering Conservation

Casey organized a conservation expo for local youth to teach them more about the field of science and conservation. The expo attracted over 500 participants and over 50 presenters from different conservation-focused organizations.

Lauren Ziegler, A Midsummer's Night Tea- How to Host a Volunteer Tea Party

Lauren held a tea party for younger children where she taught them how to host their own tea party. There were over 30 girls and boys in attendance. She also created a brochure that someone could use in planning a tea party. After her tea party, she found out that two participants of hers have already planned more in their communities

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