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Troop 408

Meeting Minutes

Our next meeting will be Thursday March first, and on Saturday March 3rd, we have a brownie-junior bridging workshop.

At our Firestone meeting, we learned about how to care for our cars. As most of us are new drivers, car care is very important. Here are a few of the important tips that we learned

~When using jumper cables, hook up black to black and red to red and always hook up the dead vehicle first.

~To find out how much air pressure is needed in your tires, don't look at the tires themselves, open the drivers side door and look on the inside of it, there should be a chart with the determined weights posted on it.

~Consult your owners manual to see where your spare tire and jack is hidden.

~ Remember not to exceed 50mph on a spare tire. They're only meant to get you to a service station so you can get a new one.

~ If/when you change your tire make sure to keep the old one so you dont have to purchase a new hubcap to match the rest.

~ Check your brake, power steering, transmission,and winsheild washer fluids on a regular basis, don't forget to check your oil too.


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