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Troop 408

Inspiration for the Gold Award

Need inspiration? Here are some sample projects to get you thinking:

* Start a bat education program for nature centers and schools, including a travel box and talk, as well as helping the community set up neighborhood bat boxes.
* Create a program for educating parents on the dangers of lead poisoning and present it at community events.
* Create a pedestrian safety campaign in your community; present the need for a stoplight in your community at a busy intersection to your local city council based upon your research.
* Develop a breast cancer awareness program in your community for mothers and teens through local women's church groups.
* Organize a chapter of SADD and plan a campaign for safe graduation parties in your community with representatives from the different high schools.
* Develop an anti-bullying program for children that includes a drama component and peer counselors.
* Plan and host a student art show as part of a community event.
* Set up a cyber cafe in a retirement home and train volunteers to help new users connect with information and their loved ones.
* Start a community clothes closet for homeless or low-income teens
* Present a movement class using music and art at local senior centers.
* Train a guide dog for the blind and educate others about the project.
* Write, cast, and direct a play to promote community conflict resolution.
Taken from the GS Central website

Examples of Gold Awards

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